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Executive Council Meeting Minutes, May 14 - 16, 1991


Scope and Contents

-Executive Council - Opening of Session

-Agenda and Time Schedule

-Telegrams - Alex Thompson Schaunell Herrin

-Publishing House Tour

-General Overseer Report - Report - (also Appendix/attachment-1)

-Executive Council Minutes - Correction to January, 1991, Minutes

-Ministry to the Military - Report of Director

-Pensions - Newly Approved and Discontinued - (also Appendix/attachment-2)

-Budgets - Budget Review Committee - (also Appendix/attachment-3)

-Cost of Living Increase

-Mileage - Reimbursement

-Ministry - Reinstatement Committee

-Stephen Wayne Sluder

-Bernard J. Trawinski

-Roger Lee Yates

-Mileage - Rate Increase

-Church - General - Building Repairs - (also Appendix/attachment-4)

-Committee Appointment

-Ministerial Care - Report - (also Appendix/attachment-5)

-Termination of Ministerial Credentials - (also Appendix/attachment-6)

-Ministry - Reinstatement - (also Appendix/attachment-7)

-Budgets - Summary Financial Statement - (also Appendix/attachment-8)

-Evangelism and Home Missions

-World Missions

-Ladies Ministries

-Youth and Christian Education

-Black Ministries

-Ministers' Retirement Program


-Public Relations


-Media Ministries

-Publishing House

-Chaplains Commission

-Ministerial Care

-Cross-Cultural Ministries

-Tithe Fund

-Lay Ministries

-Ministry to the Military

-Ministerial Development

-General Evangelism Fund


-Cost-of-Living Increase

-Budgets - Tithe Income and Disbursements - (also Appendix/attachment-9)

-Pensions - Aged Ministers' Fund - (also Appendix/attachment-10)

-Executive Committee - Erring Members/Filling Vacancies - (also Appendix/attachment-11)

-West Coast Christian College - Report of President

-Church - State - State Overseers' Tenure - (also Appendix/attachment-12)

-Executive Council - Agenda

-Executive Council/BOCM - Joint Meeting

-Racism - Resolution - (also Appendix/attachment-13)

-General Assembly - Prior Notice and Bylaws - (also Appendix/attachment-14)

-Task Force on Method - Report - (also Appendix/attachment-15)

-Ministerial Care - Committee Appointment

-Executive Committee - Erring Members

-Church - General - Credit System - (also Appendix/attachment-16)

-Unified Ministry Outreach

-Church - General - Nature and Mission - (also Appendix/attachment-17)

-Church - General - Ministry Video

-General Assembly - General Assembly Minutes - (also Appendix/attachment-18)

-Loans - Delinquent - (also Appendix/attachment-19)

-Loans - Loan Review Committee - (also Appendix/attachment-20)

-Pheonix - Christian Life Fellowship, Arizona 06740

-Houston - Pasadena Boulevard, Texas 04911

-Evanston, Illinois 07354

-Brooksville - West, Florida (Tampa) 07814

-Bowling Green, Florida (Tampa) 01646

-Tampa - University, Florida (Tampa) 00772

-Lexington - Loudon Avenue, Kentucky 02332

-Harriman - College Grove, Tennessee 08163

-Mary Esther, Florida (Tampa) 09409

-Big Spring - College Park, Texas 00905

-Fountain Valley - Living Waters, California 07058

-Lakeland - West, Florida (Tampa) 04221

-Columbus - Frebis Avenue, ohio (Southern) 04132

-Pheonix- Seventh Street, Arizona (Western Spanish) 08576

-Las Vegas - Belmont Street, Nevada (Western Spanish) 04912

-Hobbs, New Mexico 01539

-Brooklyn - Nostrand Avenue (English), New York 09311

-Greater Niagara Falls, New York 04610

-Edgewater - Rocky Mountain, Colorado 06735

-General Assembly Minutes - Committee Appointment

-West Palm Beach - First Haitian, Florida (Tampa) 09457

-Nashville - Broadmoor, Tennessee 00100

-Farmington Hills - Harvest Temple Worship Center, Michigan 07755

-Palm Beach Gardens - Country Estates, Florida (Tampa) 00525

-Loan Review Committee

-Loans Denied

-Loans in Excess of $500,000

-Deferral of Loan Payments

-Funding Delinquent Reports

-National Association of Evangelicals - Representative

-National Association of Evangelicals - Appropriation - (also Appendix/attachment-21)

-Cost of Living Increase for Retired Ministers - (also Appendix/attachment-22)

-Publications - Request from Publications Board - (also Appendix/attachment-23)

-Minutes - Approval - Meetings 1-2

-National Pastors' Advisory Council - Committee Appointed

-Church - General - Building Repairs - (also Appendix/attachment-24)

-Media Ministries - Report - (also Appendix/attachment-25)

-Budgets - Cost of Living Report - (also Appendix/attachment-26)

-Doctrinal Commitments/Declaration of Faith - (also Appendix/attachment-27)

-Ministry Licensure - (also Appendix/attachment-28)

-Ministry - Restoration - (also Appendix/attachment-29)

-Ministry - Licensure - (also Appendix/attachment-30)

-Pensions - Policy for Benefits - (also Appendix/attachment-31)

-Church - Local - Church Property - (also Appendix/attachment-32)

-Ministry - Licensure - (also Appendix/attachment-33)

-Church - General - Insurance - Directors and Officers Liability - (also Appendix/attachment-34)

-South Africa - Executive Council Representative - (also Appendix/attachment-35)

-National Association of Evangelicals - Appropriation

-Pentecostal Fellowship of North America - Appropriation

-Appreciation - C.J. van Kerken

-Executive Council - Letters of Appreciation - (also Appendix/attachment-36)

-Committee Appointments

-Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

-Ministry Applicants

-General Church Building Repairs

-General Assembly Ruling on State Overseers' Tenure

-Title to Church of God Property

-Salaries of Department Executives and Associates

-Minutes - Approval by Executive Committee

-Executive Council - Commendation of Secretaries

-Commendation of Moderator



  • May 14 - 16, 1991


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